Do Nothing, Change Nothing, Resist Nothing

In the Novitiate activity agenda, starting from 20-24 September 2021, AMR (Awareness Meditative Relaxation) activities have been carried out. This activity specifically refers to meditation procedures. This procedure is quite practical and very helpful in meditating properly and correctly. In this way, novices are greatly assisted when they want to meditate, especially within the framework of developing spiritual life during this initial formation period.

There are three important things to achieve in this AMR activity, namely tuning the body, tuning the mind, and tuning the spirit. This activity was guided by Br. Alfons Suhardi, OFM (now serving as a Chaplain at St. Paulus Parish, Depok) and the participants in this activity were the nineteen novice brothers. The series of activities starts at 08.00 WIB until 12.00 WIB.

Father Alfons emphasized that actually AMR activities require quite a long time, for example for healing therapy, both physically and mentally. However, due to age and enthusiasm, activities are made faster and the agenda for activities is relatively smaller. Therefore, this time AMR activities are prioritized on the relaxation aspect. He added, so that this activity can be internalized properly, there are three things that need to be followed, namely: do nothing, change nothing, resist nothing.

The novices were very enthusiastic in participating in this activity. Not only that, the novices are also always disciplined in starting and ending activities so that AMR activities take place safely and smoothly until the activity ends. One form of active participation of the novices in this activity was for example in a drawing session, because this session was filled with laughter because the drawings made by the novices looked confusing, funny and abstract. Father Alfons was very amused and did not want to be outdone by the novices. He joked, “being among young people makes me excited, cheerful, and learns to be young, while the young learn to grow old.”

The AMR activity was opened and ended with remarks from Br. FA. Oki Dwihatmanto, OFM (Novice Master). As a form of gratitude to Father Alfons, one of the novices, Br. Lyand gave him a present. In short, all AMR activities have enabled novices to understand more and more that “a healthy body has a healthy mind and soul”.


Contributor: Br. Andreas Prodito Labur

Translator: Fr. Irfan, OFM