The Community of Santo Bonaventure Yogyakarta celebrates Gardianat Day by holding activities to explore material about health presented by Br. Bambang, OFM who works as a doctor at the Santo Yusuf Hospital, Boro. The activity was held on Friday, 24 September 2020, at the recreation hall of the Community of St. Bonaventure Yogyakarta. The activity was opened with a community prayer and continued with a Eucharistic celebration led by Br. Wolf Apriliano, OFM. After that Br. Sipri, OFM as the moderator directed all members of the community to directly participate in activities with Br. Bambang, OFM.

Brother Bambang explained how healthy means according to Franciscan spirituality. Previously, he explained about the life of the Franciscans, who are often misunderstood, that living in poverty is closely related to things that are dirty, messy, and lazy. “Healthy poverty according to Franciscan spirituality is to build harmony, balance and harmony with God’s own will,” said Br. Bambang, OFM. Thus the people’s mindset about the poor way of life of a Franciscan that is identified with dirty and messy things actually deviates from the view of Franciscan spirituality itself. So “actually the poor lifestyle is devoted to prayer and holy worship” he said.

Healthy according to The Scripture

Referring to the story of creation, “a healthy condition can be seen in the situation in the garden of Eden, when everything that was created was in good condition,” he explained. Sickness is a gift, so brothers and sisters are expected not to be anxious, give up and complain when experiencing pain, but instead we should be able to accept it with joy and gratitude. Because when we are sick, the body tries to warn us that something is wrong inside of us. Then through illness, we are trained to be stronger and more steadfast in the face of the gift of sickness. Today’s activities were closed by having dinner together, followed by recreation together in the hall.

There are many things that can be obtained through this activity. Health is not defined as mere physical health but is a balance between physical and mental health. In addition, we are also invited to be more sensitive to environmental sustainability so that it can still be enjoyed by the next generation.

Even though this activity was carried out in the midst of the Corona outbreak, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of all members of the St. Bonaventure to be more alert to avoid the threat of the Corona outbreak. The Gardianat meeting is the first meeting attended by the twelve new postulants.


Contributor: Br. Valentino Elvis Halyo (Postulant)

Translator: Fr. Irfan, OFM