“The Gift of Love”

Masseo Pastoral Community, St. Theodorus Liwa together with the community of FSGM nuns in Liwa (Monday, 13/09/21) held a visiting activity for the people at St. Christopher, Suoh. That visit was carried out in order to celebrate the feast of  the patron of the parish of Liwa, St. Theodorus. It is celebrated every September 19. This activity is also part of the plan of the Liwa Parish Pastoral Council which has been planned since the beginning of last September.

The activity is led directly by Fr. Bovan OFM as parish priest. One of the people from Suoh Station visited was Sri. At the time of visit, the parish was represented by the friars and nuns gave a kind of “gift of love” to support the life of Sri and her family. The “Giving of Love” is also a form of concern for fellow disabled people as has been designed in the OFM Roadmap from the Province of Indonesia. Aside from Suoh Station, similar visits were also carried out at other stations.

Fr. Gabriel Rionaldi Wijaya Emar, OFM