Postulants: A Beginning Vocation

On September 15 2021, at 17.00 pm, the friars who live in the Convent of St. Bonaventura, Yogyakarta held a celebration mass for the acceptance of the 12 new postulants from the 2021/2022 class. The celebration was led by Fr. Richard, OFM in the chapel of the Monastery of St. Bonaventure. In this mass, the postulants were also given a postulant robe, TAU cross, and the Holy Scriptures to be used during their postulate period. Fr. Richard, OFM reminded the postulants in his preaching what the meaning of postulant robe, TAU cross, and the Holy Scriptures that the postulants would use and possess. He added that the postulant robe and TAU cross are symbols of repentance. Then, following the example of St. Francis of Assisi who dared to break free from luxury to live in a spirituality of poverty, so that we will be brought to the spirit of fraternity and full of joy in treading the path of our vocation. The twelve postulants came from various regional backgrounds. Some of them came from Manggarai, Mbay, Atambua, Nias, Batak, Jakarta, and Bogor.

“It is hoped that these differences will not dampen our enthusiasm, but instead enrich the experience and sense of fraternity between us,” said Fr. Ronal Aghe, postulant from Mbay, Flores. The joy and happiness could not be hidden from the faces of the postulants, especially when they made promises during the acceptance process as OFM postulants. Before the mass ends, Fr. Sipri, OFM as Guardian said that “the postulant period is a time to get to know and know life as a Franciscan. Therefore, postulants are expected to use and fill this opportunity as well as possible to get to know and learn to live life as a Franciscan next”.

After Fr. Sipri speech, Fr. Wolf, OFM as Postulants Magister, gave proficiary remarks to the postulants for the procession of receiving the attributes of the postulant that they had carried out. He was proud of the enthusiasm, willingness, and readiness of the postulants to attend and live the postulate at the Bonaventure Monastery in Yogyakarta, even though the implementation of PPKM was delayed several times in each region. In addition, he also expressed his gratitude to their parents and family for the support and prayers that always accompany the journey of the postulants’ vocation. “The enthusiasm of parents and families in supporting the vocation of the postulant is a joy as well as motivation for the journey of the vocation of the brothers,” said Fr. Wolf.

After participating in the celebration of the Eucharist together, the postulants posed happily with the friars and then continued with a recreational agenda. The recreation was opened by having dinner together in the dining room of the student friars. After dinner, all of us headed to the hall to continue our recreational activities. In the hall, postulants, student friars, and old friars seemed to mingle in various means of play and entertainment. Some played guitar, ukulele, cards, danced, and so on. This recreational activity took place full of fun and joy. Laughter and shouts of joy were heard throughout the recreational activities. Finally, these activities closed with a night prayer together.

Moreover, postulants will serve postulates period at the Convent of St. Bonaventure for approximately ten months. May the guidance, motivation, and good spirit of fraternity during this postulate period further strengthen the journey of the postulants’ vocation through the way of life of Saint Francis of Assisi. Pace e bene.

Fr. Evaristus Dwiputra Rodriques Adu