The Cianjur Inter-Religious Harmony Forum held the Covid-19 Vaccine

The rate of spread of Covid-19 shows a declining graph. This situation does not mean that the alert attitude must also decrease, but rather that it needs to be increased so that bad situations do not recur. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 from getting worse and to create herd immunity, the Cianjur Inter-Religious Harmony Forum in collaboration with the Cianjur Police and the Artha Peduli foundation held cross-faith vaccinations for the general public on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Overall, the activities carried out at Palace Hotel Cipanas ran smoothly. This vaccination activity is at the same time a sign of involvement and a form of concern from the Cianjur Inter-Religious Harmony Forum in social life and specifically stems the rate of spread of Covid-19.

Br. Widi, OFM who served as the Parish Priest of St. Maria Ratu Para Angel Cipanas became the representative of the Catholic community in the Cianjur Interfaith Harmony Forum. From the Catholic community itself, there were 20 delegates who attended the activity, which consisted of several people, students from SMP Mardi Yuana Cipanas. They were present to receive vaccines in these activities. Meanwhile, other groups also sent representatives from their communities to attend, such as Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Confucian youth.

Contributor: Fr. Widi, OFM

Translator: Fr. Irfan, OFM