The friars minor of St. Michael the Archangel Indonesia rejoiced amid the pandemic. Four deacon brothers (Deacon Francis S. Ottor OFM, Deacon Eduardus S. da Silva OFM, Deacon Yanuarius Kanmese OFM, Deacon Marciano A. Soares OFM) were ordained priests on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at St. Mary Queen of Angels Parish (Paroki St. Maria Ratu Para Malaikat), Cipanas, West Java. The four brothers were ordained by Mgr. Paskalis Bruno Syukur, Bishop of the Diocese of Bogor. He also ordained these four brothers deacon in Transitus Novitiate, Depok last July.

The ordination began at 10.00 WIB and was attended by the families of the four brothers as well as few Franciscan brothers due to the restriction during the pandemic. To reach more audience, the ordination ceremony was broadcasted through OFM Indonesia YouTube channel in collaboration with the Social Commission of Cipanas Parish (Gema Suci). The Eucharist went smoothly and solemnly amid the restriction following the health protocal that everyone must comply with.

In his homily, Mgr. Paskalis advised the newly ordained priests to consider their calling as prophets, priests and kings. As a prophet, Mgr. Paskalis encouraged them to accompany the people in finding what is right. As a priest, Mgr. Paskalis reminded the four brothers to always carry the sacraments anywhere they go to sanctify the world and its people. As a king, Mgr. Paskalis emphasized that priests should embrace the spirit of humility. Thus, priests carry out their main mission, which is to be the bearers of Jesus Christ.

These brothers took Mary’s greeting to the servants at the wedding at Cana as their ordination motto, which is “Do whatever he tells you!” (John 2: 5b). In his remarks representing the newly ordained priests, Father Fransiskus S. Ottor OFM said that this motto strengthened them to observe the vow of obedience regarding the procrastination of their ordination due to this special situation. Father Ottor added that Mary’s greeting is a prayer that strengthened them (the new priests) to obey and be loyal to God’s will through the words conveyed by Lord Jesus.

At the end of the Eucharist, Father Mikael Peruhe OFM, the Minister Provincial, announced the mission of the new priests. Their mission is continuing their ministry as priests where they were previously sent as deacons until January 2021. Father Ottor continues his ministry at the St. Peter Parish (Paroki St. Petrus), Cianjur, West Java. Father Da Silva continues his ministry at St. Paschal Parish (Paroki St. Paskalis), Cempaka Putih, Jakarta. Father Kanmese will continue serving the people at Sacred Heart Parish (Paroki Hati Kudus), Kramat, Jakarta as well as working with other brothers in Vincentius Putera Orphanage. Father Soares continues his ministry in Transitus Novitiate and St. Paul Parish (Paroki St. Paulus), Depok.

Congratulations to the newly ordained priests and God bless you!

Based on a report from: Br. Vincent, OFM

Translated by Br. Aldo, OFM & Br. Titus, OFM

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