We Finally Meet Again

Saturday, August 14, at 07.30 am, in the midst of chores cleaning up the friary, the student brothers had many questions in their minds. Some whispered to the others “Bro, who are the PENA members? or “What is PENA?”. An hour later, at 08.30 am, that questions were answered in the discussion via Zoom meeting between FORKASI (Communication Forum for Student Friars) and the PENA team from Atmajaya University. This discussion became an opportunity for the student brothers and PENA members to share stories and exchange ideas in their service at the Shelter House of St. Anthony Padua.

In this discussion, both parties were effectively involved. The student brothers shared their testimonies while ministering the patients at the Shelter House. In addition, the PENA team also enthusiastically shared some insights about PENA, the history, involvement, and challenges.

FORKASI’s leader, Br. Arif Kelabur, OFM said “We are grateful because we were able to meet and know better about PENA, listening to their stories serving the poor at the Shelter House every weekend. This encounter is important in building further cooperation regarding services at the Shelter House of St. Anthony Padua during this pandemic. This cooperation should make us brothers to each other.” At the end of the discussion, the brothers and the PENA team were involved in a group photo session who coordinated by Br. Francis Gregory, OFM. All the participants gave their best smile while hoping that this there would be further discussions. Pace e Bene.


Br. Felisian Novendro Ambal, OFM

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