Blessing for “Saint Francis Domus for Self Isolation”

Thursday, August 12, 2021, is an important day for the three communities of Sint Carolus Hospital Jakarta, the Sacred Heart Parish of Kramat, and Fransiskus Foundation Jakarta. These three communities work together to provide isolation centre for Covid 19 patients: Francis’ Domus for self-isolation. This initiative is a form of concern for the rise of Covid 19 cases, and utilizes Santo Fransiskus Schools’ classrooms. The blessing ceremony was held at Franciscus Foundation. Domus for Self Isolation is officially opened for patients with Covid 19 who need a place to self-isolation.

The ceremony began at 8.00 am and was led by the Minister Provincial Br. Mikhael Peruhe, OFM, accompanied by the parish priest, Br. Yustinus Agung Setiadi, OFM, and Br. Mateus Batubara, OFM, the chairman of Fransiskus Foundation Jakarta. The committee also invited Sr.Marga, CB as representatives of Sint Carolus Hospital, benefactors, and committee members, and of course the number of participants present was limited.

Brother Mikhael Peruhe, OFM told the audience that this activity is a manifestation of the Church’s vision that wants to present God for people who are suffering. Furthermore, he said that we can learn from two figures, Saint Charles Borromeus who dedicated himself to taking care for and helping sick people when the plague hit Europe; and Saint Francis of Assisi, who was moved by God’s mercy, turned and embraced the leper who had been shunned.

Furthermore, Br. Mikhael added that this joint initiative really wants to answer Pope Francis’ invitation for the Church to become a home for the sick and a place of healing on the battlefield. The Church must care for the wounded and present the merciful face of God. Brother Mikhael hopes that Domus for Self Isolation becomes a place of healing for the injured, especially for our brothers and sisters who are suffering from Covid-19. The rooms for isolation then were blessed aftermath.

The presence of the Domus is expected to help the availability of self-isolation rooms for those exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Hopefully the Domus will also be a place of faith and hope for our brothers and sisters who have been exposed to Covid-19 and a good place for us to show love for those affected.

Br. Irvan Afriyanto, OFM

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