One of our JPIC staff was giving away free masks to passers-by at Letjen Suprapto Street.

Observing 2020 World Health Day, on Tuesday (7/4) some of the JPIC staff were giving away free masks to passers-by at Letjend Suprapto St., who most of them were riding motorcycles.

This event was held as a health campaign and an act of solidarity amid Covid-19 massive spreading.

Fr. Alsis, the chief of JPIC-OFM Indonesia, was giving away a free mask to a “microlet” (microbus as public transportation) driver.

There were 3 types of masks that JPIC-OFM provided. People who received the masks were the ones who needed the most: the poor, online taxi-bike drivers, taxi drivers, workers and day-labourers, microlet drivers, and kids.

This event was held for approximately 30 minutes, started at 10.00 A.M. and finished at 10.30 A.M. People seemed to be very thankful of this event, particularly with the scarce supply of masks in the market.


Translated by Br. Vincent, OFM and Br. Titus, OFM

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