Franciscan Eco-Pastoral, celebrated the 50th Earth Day on Wednesday, 22/06/2020 at Eco-Pastoral Center, Pagal, Cibal Regency, Flores. They held a thematic ecology prayer and planted trees for conservation. Normally, local people are involved in this annual celebration, but this year Eco-pastoral decided not to invite them to observe the social-physical distancing programme. Eight staff of Eco-Pastoral were very enthusiastic, showing their gratefulness to mother Earth. This occasion has improved their willingness to take care of mother earth as our common home.

Fr. Abril Dos Santos OFM led the Earth Day prayer.

 Fr. Abril Dos Santos OFM, said in his prayer, “Now, we celebrate this Earth Day in the middle of sorrow due to two things: Covid-19 pandemic and environmental crises.  The pandemic has taken hundreds of thousands of lives, and at the same time, we find the Earth is not a pleasant place anymore. The poor becomes the victims; they find it hard to get sufficient food and proper medical services. ”In this commemoration, Eco-Pastoral professed their prayers and hopes so people will be faithful to take care of mother Earth and not harming the environment for personal interests. “Our un-friendly way of life to the environment often gives threat to mother Earth, which negatively impact the poor who becomes the victims of environmental crises,” Fr. Abril emphasized.

After the prayer, Fr. Johnny Dohut OFM, blessed the trees of conservation, and later they planted them on the conservation site, led by Brother Dedi, an Eco-pastoral staff. Every staff planted five trees, so forty trees for conservation were planted this year. This is a real-concrete act of Franciscan Eco-Pastoral in taking care of mother Earth, our common home. It is, at the same time, an invitation for us all to do the same concern.

Efendy Marut OFM – Fransiscan Media Centre

Based on a report from: Fr. Abril Dos Santos OFM

Translated by Br. Vincent, OFM & Br. Titus, OFM

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