Prayer During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Prayer During Coronavirus Pandemic

Composed by Fr. Martin Harun, OFM


Let us gather in prayer.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

God the almighty and most merciful, creator of heaven and earth, and all living things.

You have created all creatures  and care for them

because You love them and want them to live and grow. We hope, with your blessing,

to stay healthy and to support each other.

But we are limited and fragile because of our physical and mental weaknesses.

 Our biggest weakness is failing to keep our commitment to You and others.

We are weak in facing the challenges, like the Corona virus outbreak nowadays.

Our lives are threatened, changed, and are getting more difficult. 

We pray for the leaders in our country and society

that they may wisely guide us through these challenges.

We do hope that our leaders may initiate the improvement of the medical facilities and services, primarily for those who are suffering serious illness.

We also pray that everyone in our society work together to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

We pray for the doctors, nurses,

and those who are working in the front line risking their lives to save our community.

We also pray that we are not afraid and hopeless,

but being hopeful of your mercy and kindness

can do what we can do to ease this plague;

we pray that everyone obeys the safety instructions given by the trustworthy institutions.

Strengthen our faith because we believe that You will never leave us alone

We believe that your love is always with us here in this world.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Brother,

who has given his life to save us.



Translated by Br. Aldo, OFM & Br. Titus, OFM

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